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Shipping Policy

All orders on are shipped on weekdays (Monday to Friday) only. It’s important for you to know, that all the packages are to be signed, so it is advisable to please provide us with your correct name, mobile no. and shipping address details before you buy Xanax from us.

Note: If your address is a PO BOX, then after showing the proof you will be asked to collect the package from your local post office.

Is there any Shipping Cost?

Yes, We usually charge $50 for Europe products (Onax, Pinix and Pfizer) but US-US (Alprazolam (G)) is free for shipping charges.

How to track my Order?

As soon as your placed order is shipped, we will send you a link in an email along with the tracking details. You can click the tracking link you received in the mail and track your order (Xanax package status) anytime. It is counselled to test your unsolicited mail folder, every now and then our emails turn out to be there also.

Can someone receive my package or do I need to be present there at the time of delivery?

No, Anyone can sign and receive your Xanax on your behalf. When it reaches the local post office you might get a notification on your mail. From there, you can schedule your Xanax delivery and pickup.

What is the estimated time of delivery?

The estimated time of delivery is

  • 4 Days for US-US shipment (Alprazolam G)
  • 7 to 14 Business Days for European products (Pinnix, Onax and Pfizer)

Do offer overnight shipping of medication?

Yes, We offer overnight delivery via FedEx for all of our products.

Here I’m not able to find the answer to my question. How can I contact you?

So you have two options, you can call our toll-free number or you can mail us at and we will try to respond to your queries ASAP.