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Why do I get so anxious about Black Friday?

Why do I get so anxious about Black Friday

Black Friday is an annual sales event in the U.S., which refers to the day through the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, which is also traditionally a vacation for many employees. The beginning of Christmas shopping time starts in the United States; Black Friday is typically a day full of fantastic shopping deals, sales, and enormous discounts. It is considered the beginning of the holiday shopping season and happens at the end of November after Thanksgiving. Many stores offer highly promoted sales and give enormous discounts on electronics, toys, and other gifts often, open soon, sometimes as early as midnight, or further on Thanksgiving. Occurring on the fourth Friday in November unless November 1 is a Friday, it has routinely been the engagest shopping day of the year in the U.S. since 2005.

It is common for retailers to offer special promotions online and offline or in-store on this day (Black Friday). Many stores open their doors during the pre-dawn hours on Black Friday to attract customers. To keep up with the competition, some shopkeepers have gone so far as to keep their operations going on the Thanksgiving holiday, while others begin offering deals earlier during November.

Why Is Black Friday Important to Economists?

It is the day when people spend a lot of money on shopping. It is seen as a measure of the economy and gives economists a way to gauge consumer confidence and discretionary spending.

Benefits of Black Friday

  • Increased Traffic, Sales, and Revenue
  • You have the opportunity to clear stock before the Christmas season
  • Increment in sale
  • Easier fulfillment
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Establishes brand presence 

Disadvantages of Black Friday

  • Impact your short-term profit margins
  • Pressure to offer deals and significant discounts
  • It can generate returns
  • It is crowded and comparative 
  • Customers have been trained to wait for the discount
  • You can need a big marketing budget to get visibility during Black Friday. 
  • You should expect tight competition, especially from industry giants.
  • You can get a lot of customers who are only there for freebies. They need to renew their membership.

Why do I get so anxious about Black Friday?

The holiday season may be a difficult time for people in recovery or people who can have a mental health disorder like anxiety, SAD, or depression. During this time, the stress or anxiety of being with family, in some cases, without their family, may cause feelings of depression or anxiety. Black Friday generates anxiety or fear and may also take away valuable family time. It can be hectic and stressful, especially for people with mental illness. Unruly shoppers, large crowds, and long lines may induce irritability, anger, or intense anxiety. Stress may exacerbate symptoms of a mental health disorder and possibly lead to drug or alcohol misuse. A 2011 study examining consumer behavior on Black Friday found that while many purchasers were polite and elegant, hostile behavior of customers are also observed. These include visible anxiety, fatigue, and irritable aggression that led to cursing and shouting at other customers and retail workers.

How to manage triggers during a Black Friday

  • Request management review Black Friday protocols and procedures.
  • Be prepared to deal with and defuse situations involving angry customers during Black Friday.
  • You should take a deep breath and analyze the situation. 
  • Recognize the customer’s feelings.
  • Know the facts.
  • Be clear and direct language.
  • Recognize when to call for help.  

Tips on avoiding Black Friday shopping anxiety

  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Don’t shop alone.
  • Create a budget and stick to it.

After Black Friday comes three more weeks of intense holiday shopping for most people, So here are a few more pieces of advice to keep in mind as the calendar turnover to December:

  • When you shop at stores or shop here or there throughout the month, you don’t have to stew two or three big shopping days into the final week before Christmas.
  • Avoid traffic, busy stores, and the peak hours of those busy stores.
  • Buy with a purpose: Avoid purchasing gifts without a recipient in mind.
  • If you experience purchaser remorse and feel like some of your purchases were the result of compulsive buying, return the item.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes when you shop, and always shop with friends or family who will hold you accountable.


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